Professional negligence solicitors - property transactions

Was your property lawyer negligent? Have they caused you financial loss in the buying or selling of your home or business? Our specialist professional negligence solicitors can help you seek a resolution.

Bought or sold a property and something has gone wrong? Was your property lawyer to blame?

Get specialist advice from professional negligence solicitors as a matter of urgency and start your claim today!

Buying or selling a property, whether your home or your business is one of the biggest financial transactions you will be involved in.  With conveyancing solicitors involved in countless transactions, mistakes do happen and negligence in regard to property does occur.

Common areas of conveyancing negligence include:

  • failure to carry out appropriate searches
  • failure to properly interpret searches
  • failure to advise you of restrictions imposed on the land
  • failure to properly register your title to the land
  • incorrect advice given in relation to property matters
  • the architect or surveyor missed something critical

It is possible to put things right, and you should seek legal advice sooner rather than later, as strict time limits apply. If you choose to stall seeking legal advice, you may find that you cannot sell your home or business or that the transaction cannot be completed because of errors previously made. The bottom line is, that delaying the process can mean you suffering additional financial loss, your business could fail or you may suffer losses than you simply cannot afford.

You may complain to the Council of Lenders (if there was a mortgage involved) but their powers are limited and the maximum they can award for errors resulting in financial loss is £5,000.  This may fall well short of your actual losses so getting advice from us, now, is your best option.

The Sue the Expert Process - Property Negligence

If you feel you have been badly advised by your property solicitor, and suffered financial loss as a result, contact us in confidence to discuss your circumstances.

We will:

  • Arrange a no-obligation chat in confidence to discuss your property circumstances
  • Decide whether we believe your property solicitor was negligent
  • Obtain your file from the law firm who you believe let you down
  • Analyse what work has been done on your behalf
  • Assess whether the work done was of an unacceptable standard
  • Formulate compelling allegations of negligence
  • Calculate and recover your losses

If you have suffered financial loss as a result of professional negligence by a property lawyer call us now on 0345 052 3529 or complete the contact form here.