Cosmetic Surgery

Just as more cosmetic Dental work is now being undertaken than ever before so too, are more & more people being attracted to Cosmetic Surgery.

This can be for a number of reasons including

  • a specific medical need for it
  • surgical repair following an accident or assault
  • weight reduction for medical, personal or psychological resons
  • increased confidence & self esteem
  • simply a desire to look & feel better

Sometimes Cosmetic Surgery of a particular type may either not be available in your area or, the NHS will not fund it. For example, surgery for breast augmentation or reduction will usually only be funded by the NHS if there is a compelling medical need for it.

People who cannot have Cosmetic Surgery undertaken by the NHS are often driven to using Private Clinics without really knowing how reputable they are or how competent their Surgeons may be. The dangers can include

  • them not being properly regulated, if at all
  • them not having adequate insurance cover
  • them employing Surgeons whose fitness to operate leaves a lot to be desired
  • them not giving proper advice as to the risks of certain surgical procedures
  • your being left with serious cosmetic disfigurement

We have dealt with cases where a Surgeon operating from a Private Clinic was found to have been negligent in operating on several Patients resulting in him being referred to The General Medical Council and being suspended from practice. At least this avoided anyone else being disfigured by him - so making a claim can & does help others as well as you yourself.

The procedure involved in investigating a Claim for professional negligence arising out of Cosmetic Surgery is very similar to that for Clinical Negligence Claims.

So call us now and have one of our specialist Professional Negligence Lawyers advise you as to whether you have a Claim!