Professional Negligence Solicitors - Surveyors

Was your surveyor or valuer negligent? Have you incurred financial loss due to their errors? Seek specialist professional negligence legal advice today to see if you can sue your surveyor.

Suing a surveyor is possible when you can prove that they have failed in their legal duty of care to produce an accurate survey. If this happened to you, you could be entitled to compensation!

The advice of a surveyor or valuer is so important as the purchase of a home or business is likely to be one of the largest costs to you throughout your lifetime. Mistakes by surveyors can prove very costly. Over valuing your property can mean you pay over the odds for your home or business. Missing potential problems in a survey that will require necessary future work will mean you miss out on the opportunity to negotiate a reduction in the property price.

Common areas of negligence by a surveyor include:

•over valuing the property

•failure to assess the property properly

•failure to warn of potential problems

•failure to identify issues such as damp, subsidence or rot

If your property problems have arisen in the last six years, except in limited cases where latent (hidden) damage is present and you believe your surveyor failed in their legal duty to highlight the issues you are facing, contact our specialist team today.

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